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Drug testing is on the rise, but there are only few regulations in place and a myriad of drug testing solutions on offer, and very little is known about Australian drug testing patterns and practises. It is our mission, with the help of supportive companies and organisations, to map and monitor this uncharted territory.

The Australasian Institute of Drug & Alcohol Testing Incorporated (AIDAT) is an independent and impartial organisation, which aims to represent everyone involved in or affected by drug and alcohol testing. It is a non-political, non-government and not-for-profit organisation, founded by a small group of dedicated people with backgrounds in social science, market research and drug testing. We hope to receive widespread support for our work from all corners of society, and any information, networking, funding or other contribution you may wish to offer will be greatly appreciated.

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Australasian Institute of Drug & Alcohol Testing

Our 16 point compass rose is designed by
Peter Loader www.omega-graphix.com.au,
who found inspiration in this old map of
"Golphe de Bengale" from 1740.

Compass Map

Through the centuries, the compass was an
invaluable instrument for seafarers crossing the
oceans and mapping uncharted waters.

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